Happy New Year!

Welcome to Stitched Notions!

I am currently fortunate enough to be on a career break from my job as a classroom assistant at a local High School and Stitched Notions is where I plan to share my sewing exploits.

I hope you find something here to interest you and that you will keep popping in to see what I’m up to.

What I’ve been doing so far.

For many years I concentrated mainly on dressmaking; as a teenager I made most of my own clothes and progressed to making outfits for other people including wedding/special occasion dresses. Whilst I do still make items of clothing for family and friends I also make lots of bags and accessories as well as doing embroidery and generally trying anything else that is textile based!

The first project lined up for the new year is to design & make 2 bags for transporting home made guitar pedal boards; these are for my daughter and her friend who front a band called Appear Invisible.

More on this project as it progresses; in the meantime I will post details of some of my other recent projects.

A Sewer’s Chatelaine

My sewer’s chatelaine


My living room doubles as my work space so to avoid littering the room with my various bits of equipment I thought it would be a good idea to keep everything close to hand.

There are several patterns commercially available but I found that most of these only have space for a few items such as a pair of scissors, thimble, tape measure and a few pins.

Depending what I’m working on I like to have these items as well as a pencil, small ruler, thread, a corner turner, a magnet and sometimes more – so I decided to design my own and this is the result.

Close up of chatelaine

You will see that I have lots of pockets available for bits and pieces and the flap below my thread reel keeps my needles and pins from stabbing me!

There is a snap fastener on the end of the thread holder so that the reel can be changed as needed.

This is such a useful item as I can move between the sewing machine and sitting comfortably to do a bit of hand sewing and everything I need is always close by. The living room is kept a bit tidier too!


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