My Hussif Project


The term ‘Hussif’ is a derivation of the word housewife and is used to describe a small sewing kit in the form of a roll (a bit like a jewellery roll), that contains everything needed to repair clothing and cloth. References go as far back as the 1700s but they were particularly popular with the military and formed part of the personal kit carried by soldiers in WW1.

Sewing Hussif

My Hussif

I came across a tutorial for a beautiful embroidered Hussif quite by accident at  and this inspired me to design and make my own. Although I wouldn’t call mine beautiful, it bulges with ‘pages’ containing different categories of equipment, it is immensely practical and allows me to have all my essential tools to hand wherever I am.

Hussif page 1 with thread winders made from shrink plastic

Hussif page 2/3 sketching/design tools & paper scissors

Hussif page 4/5 pins & needles, extendable magnet, long bodkins

Hussif page 6/7 my essential tools

Hussif page 8/9 pockets inside back cover

As you can see from these photos my Hussif is constructed like a book with each 2 page spread containing tools for a different purpose.

Clockwise from top left I have:

i) Inside flap pocket / thread winders. The thread winders are made from shrink plastic  coloured with permanent metallic markers.

ii) Design tools including paper scissors.

iii) Needles, including long elastic threader and telescopic magnet in the long pocket; pins and clips for use where I don’t want pin holes.

iv) General tools – dressmaking & embroidery scissors, fabric markers, tweezers, stitch ripper, bodkin, safety thread cutter, point turner and ‘add a quarter’ ruler. These are all held in place with strong elastic.

v) Inside pockets.

The finished size resembles a fat A5 book, it is fastened with a  button and elastic loop that allows some flexibility and has handles to carry it. It’s great to take on workshops as I usually find I forget something that I really need!


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