Twisty Thread Bin

The idea this week has been to introduce you to the kinds of things I make and what you might expect to find here. Time, I think, to show you one more project from the past few months then to get on with this years projects and move to a weekly update of current work!

The Twisty Bin

Twisty thread bin

At a recent workshop I noticed that the tutor had a little fabric bin next to her sewing machine for threads and snippets – very handy – at the end of the day the bin was folded down keeping all the threads contained to be taken away and disposed of – brilliant!

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to ask where this came from but felt sure that I would find it on the internet! Weeks later and I had found lots of different versions of ‘thread catchers’ but  none so practical as this.

Then I came across this post by Butterflyspain – eureka!

I found a couple of the stages a little confusing so changed them slightly and I also substituted a ring cut from the lid of a tub of ice cream for the tubing and this worked perfectly.


Twisty thread bin closed


twisty thread bin closed – base tucks just inside supporting ring

This is how the bin looks folded down – you simply twist it down and the base fits neatly just inside the edge of the ring. A great idea for taking on workshops but I can think of plenty of other uses as it is very easy to modify the size.

Another twisty thread bin

Lovely folds created when twisty thread bin is closed

These pictures show my 2nd version and you can see the lovely folds created when the bin is twisted down.

This is a really quick and easy project for a very useful item.





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