New Tutorial For Twisty Bin


Back in January I showed you the Twisty Thread Bin, finally I have completed the tutorial which you can find on the tutorials page.

I always have my bin next to me when I’m either machine or hand stitching so that I don’t leave little piles of threads and fabric snippets laying around. They’re great for workshops or when stitching on the go too as they simply twist closed containing all the bits until you get home or can dispose of them.

You don’t have to use them exclusively for stitching, they’re great for kids to keep by them when crafting or for pencil sharpening when drawing; perfect in the car to prevent rubbish piling up in the cup holders; on the dressing table in fact anywhere you just need a small bin!

I hope you like the tutorial and find it straightforward. Where will you put yours?


2 thoughts on “New Tutorial For Twisty Bin

  1. Does the fabric support the sides to keep the bin standing or is there a plastic insert in the seam or something? I didn’t see anything about it in the tutorial.
    I like these little bins. I agree with you that they’d be handy for many other things as well.


    • Hello E.C.
      There is no insert the sides are self supporting. The fabric does soften with repeated closing down but I just manipulate it a bit to straighten it out again. They don’t stand up rigidly, I did think about trying iron on interfacing to make it a bit firmer but decided that this would soften with twisting.
      I’m open to suggestions.


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