A Stitching Hiatus

Who knew that getting a new boiler installed could cause so much upheaval?

Our house is very small, it cannot really accommodate a stitcher/crafter and a musician in the same household! Trying to confine all our equipment to the small area not impacted by the work took a long time only to have them come in on the morning work started to announce that more space was needed and a frantic effort was required to move more furniture!

Now the new boiler is in but we are still waiting for the chimney breast to be blocked in so that the decorating can be completed; it feels like we have been squeezing around obstacles for months but we are slowly getting there.

This has been an ideal opportunity though to focus on organising all my materials and equipment in a more business like manner. To get some inspiration I have been trawling websites and magazines for ideas. My most coveted workspace would have to be this one at http://www.infarrantlycreative.net/craft-room-reveal/ take a look at the rest of the pictures, oh for this much space!

craft room organization

My reality is a tiny dining area that has to function as dining room, home office and sewing space so I have to make use of some outside storage and a bedroom cupboard; I think this is where most of my problems have arisen – having similar items in different locations.

So here’s my plan:

  • Sort through EVERYTHING and only keep what I will really use.
  • Store similar items together.
  • Sort out my fabric stash and create a record of what I have and how much.
  • Label and record location of everything.

Do you have a dedicated workspace or a shared space? What would be your best advise for getting organised?


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