Sewing Withdrawal

I found this funny seamstress vintage sewing machine sticker on Funny seamstress vintage sewing machine by BigMRanch by BigMRanch.

I think this just about sums up how I’m feeling just now!

Life keeps interrupting the decorating and the process of getting everything straight after our boiler installation so progress has slowed down a bit.

Never mind I did get to the Stitching, Sewing & Quilting show at the SECC in Glasgow. The addition of the quilt exhibitions was a real bonus as there were some beautiful quilts on show. Although it is several years since I last visited there were a number of regular exhibitors missing; this was disappointing but it did mean that I saved some money!

The thing I enjoy most about the stitching shows is the chance to meet and talk with textile artists whose work I admire. Before visiting a show I always check the list of exhibitors to plan who I’d like to see; top of my list this year were Christine Plummer & Lynda Monk.

Christine Plummer Display

For some time now I’ve been a bit obsessed with collecting brown packing paper to use for printing and I’ve always enjoyed making books and journals. It was whilst searching for inspiration that I came across Christine Plummer’s lovely recycled journals.

I love the rustic simplicity of these little journals and purchased a kit at the show, here is the journal I made from the kit after some expert advice from Christine:


The revelation for me was the use of an interfacing called DGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAecovil to make the firm covers; I hadn’t come across this product before, it is an iron on interfacing by Vilene that handles like a soft leather and works beautifully fused to the brown paper.

I like to crumple the brown paper before I use it as this gives a nice textured surface, I also added the orange papers from my stash.

The pages for the journal are included in the kit with a good variety of weights supplied.

You can see more of Christine Plummer’s work here:



Lynda Monk is another favourite textile artist and I purchased the two books above, along with a Thermofax screen and some transfer foils so that I could make a start on some of the techniques described.

There are lots of wonderful surfaces to try so these are just a few that I’ve tried so far.

Crumpled tissue fused to Lutradur 30 Brusho colour 2 layers fused together sealed with Acrylic medium

Crumpled tissue fused to Lutradur 30, Brusho paints to colour, 2 layers fused  together then sealed with Acrylic medium. The sample below is the same but using the heavier Lutradur 70 and only a single layer.



Lutradur 100 coloured with Brusho then transfer foil fused to the surface with dressmaking tissue applied using acrylic medium.

The way that the colour migrates from the bottom layer through the foil when the acrylic medium is applied is quite magical! The photograph doesn’t do justice to the lovely glow given to the surface by the foil.

I also tried this technique using drawing inksGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA to colour some Lutradur 130 – I wasn’t sure if the inks would work but the sample shows they did, the colour is stronger but in some instances this might be desirable.

This is just a taste of what is in the books, I am still working on other techniques so lots more to come!

Lynda’s work can be seen on her website and on her blog


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