Inspired by Lynda Monk

As well as designing and making my entry for the Hillarys Craft Competition I have continued to work on samples using techniques in Lynda Monk’s books.

This particular technique is quite magical!

Lynda Monk Sample 1

I have used a base of pelmet/craft Vilene (S520 or S80/240), that is coloured with water based paint – Brusho Crystal Colour in this case. When dry Bondaweb is used to fuse a layer of transfer foil on top then a sheet of tissue paper is lightly adhered using PVA or acrylic medium before more PVA/acrylic medium is rubbed liberally into the surface. As it dries the colour on the Vilene migrates through to the surface.

This sample has a lovely pitted Sample 2asurface that arose by accident, I think my iron was too hot when transferring the foil so it lifted some of the Bondaweb off. A happy accident as I really like the distressed look.

Not such a happy accident – the highlighted area on the image shows a tear in the tissue paper – you have to be quite careful when rubbing the medium into the surface to avoid holes in the tissue. Depending on your project this could easily be covered up with an embellishment.

I have used my samples to make a couple of books and practice my bookbinding stitches.

The red book has four signatures and I have used basic long stitches but twisted each pair 3 times for added interest.

The yellow book has 8 signatures stitched in a zigzag line diagonally across the spine, 4 lines go one way & 4 the opposite way giving the diamond pattern down the centre of the spine.

I used 120gsm paper in this yellow book; in order to use it as a sketchbook it really needs a bit more support to give a firmer cover.

Lots more sampling to do I think!


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