TAST Week 6 – Chevron Stitch

Well chevron stitch, whilst similar, proved a much less troublesome stitch than herringbone! 🙂

I love the shapes achievable with chevron stitch, I especially like the half chevron worked sideways both in rows and mirrored. The mirrored stitches reassemble eyes.

When I started out I chose to work quite small scale samples, two reasons for this, the 1st being that it will be easier to maintain and see the challenge through and the 2nd that I can eventually make these up into a reference book. Now I am finding the potential of some of the stitches I want to do more and more, especially when I see some of the samples from others doing the challenge.

One of my favourites to catch up with each week is Sarah from Knitting_and.com  Sarah’s samplers show an amazing number of stitch variations all beautifully worked, every week she has at least one variation I haven’t thought of.

There are 1,816 members of the TAST Facebook group from all around the world and there are quite a number of us that post samples each week. A number of countries know the stitches by different names and have unique ways of working them. It is also interesting to see the fabrics people choose to work on; some have constructed quilt blocks, others work on patterned fabrics and a number have dyed/painted their own fabrics. Lots of people are working pages for stitch sampler books and many are adding the stitches to larger pieces of fabric either highlighting areas of the printed cloth with each stitch or building up large samplers.

I hope Sharon is pleased with our contributions, it is quite something that she has started! I thought I had a comprehensive stitch bible until I discovered Pintangle.com! The site is an inspiring resource for beginners and experienced embroiderers and there is a good mix taking part in this challenge all encouraging and learning from each other, pop over to the TAST Facebook page and take a look.


2 thoughts on “TAST Week 6 – Chevron Stitch

  1. Hello Donna, TAST is Take a Stitch Tuesday and is a friendly challenge to produce a sample using the given stitch each week. It was started over on http://pintangle.com by Sharon B, I have been following Sharon’s blog for a while but missed the first round of the challenge. If you have a look here: http://pintangle.com/tast-faq/ you will find out all the details. You only have to do what you feel able to manage but its a great way to explore different stitches & learn new ones. If you decide to join in & want to be part of the Facebook group just send Sharon an email and you will be added to the list.
    I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying following the group.


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