TAST Week 7 – Detached Chain Stitch

I’ve really cut things fine this past week and only just managed to get my sample stitched in time!

Although I’ve always admired old traditional samplers I’ve never felt the urge to stitch one but I’m really getting a feel for the repeating patterns that are possible. There is something very satisfying in the rhythmic nature of the patterns and the negative spaces created.

I’m sure there are more variations I could have come up with, I had in mind to use detached chain as a couching stitch but ran out of space; I also deliberately stayed away from variations of chain stitch itself as I’m saving those for next week!

Our Young Embroiderers start back next week and our focus for this session is ‘weather’, we are starting with sun and looking at working sunflowers so I’ve been incorporating some of the TAST stitches into a few samples.

I’ve also managed to add some more stitching to my Zentangle inspired sampler; I’m enjoying using some of my newly found stitch combinations to fill the spaces.

I still find myself on an academic timetable so with the schools back this feels like the start of a new year ………….. so lots of stitching to plan!


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